iSDaily Tuesday – December 5th, 2017 – Episode 001 

Santa Ended, The Ant Parable, and Pigeons in Time

On this inaugural episode of iWire Pulse,
On Lulzilla,
Santa Gets the Smackdown of a Lifetime that might end him.
On iPonder,
What Can Ants tell us about the nature of the state, and what kind of ant are you?
On iScience,
We trigger our Co-Host Bodhi with a story about pigeons existing in time and knowing it!

Here are the links to stories we have covered, and a few we didn’t get to:

6 Year Old Sends SALTY Letter To Santa, We Have the DOCUMENTS!
Fake Interpreter Crashes Tampa Police News Conference
Twitter Users Face Reality of World-Ending Sophia The Robot
Pink Reveals She Will Be Raising Daughter as “Gender Neutral”
Iowa Man Charged With Attacking Wife With McChicken Sandwich
China Chases Feminist Activists Out of City Before Global Forum
Gut Infection now Treatable with Poop Transplants
Watch Grass Grow and Get Paid to Do It
Amazon Contractor Caught on Camera Pooping Outside Customer’s Home
Jesus Statue Has 300-Year Old Note in Butt
Are You the Slave-Maker Ant, the Forager Ant, or Something New?
Is The Rainbow Coalition Dead, and If So, What Has Taken Its Place?
Smart Phone Addiction is Changing the Human Mind, and It’s Not Good
Fear Robots, Fear A.I, It’s JUST What the Government Want You To Feel
China’s Investment in Australia Might Be Choking Freedom There
It’s a Bloodsport, so Stop Looking for Logic and Principles
Pigeons Exist in Time, and They Know It
AI Computer Composes Own Black Metal Album
Second-Generation Biolfules Promise Less Toxicity, Greater Efficiency
First Ever Baby Born From Transpanted Uterus
Anti-Drone Ammo Unveield by Nammo
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