We Get it You Vape, Robot, and It’s Your Human Right to Do So

iWire Pulse Wednesday – Episode 002 – December 6th, 2017

In this episide of iWire Pulse
on NewsFire: Is the Great Vape Pushback happening in the FDA?
on Skynetter:  Is it ALREADY time to talk Human Rights for Robots?
on Liberty Tech:  The Great Paper Electronics Revolution is upon us, and you can thank 2D Printing.
Below are links to articles schedueld to be covered in the show:

FDA Backtracking on Vaping Regs?
Man Forced to Decapite Own Dog After Cops Shoot and Kill It
US Senate Prepares to Roll Back Local Banking Regs
10 Killed Activists in Two Days Triggers Mass Protests Against Duterte
Plot to Assassinate Theresa May Foiled by Scotland Yard
Russian Athletes Can Compete in Winter Olympics, But not as Russians
US Tests Stealth Destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor
Homosexual Couple Arrested, Tortured by Uzbekistan Police
Is Blocking Disney-Fox Merger Setting a Dangerous Precedent?
Is Venezuela’s Gov-Backed Cryptocurrency Doomed From the Start?
Charlottesville is a Case-Study in Government Incompetence
Robots Are People Too, and They Have Rights, Right?
Google-Built Computer Creates Super AI Computer
YouTube’s 10K Moderator Army Attacks “Extremist” Videos
Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Creation of Gov Gun Blockchain Database
The Next Great Race For Power? The A.I Race
IBM Raises Bar on Machine Learning, Exponentially
South Korea Building Drone Bot Army
China Calls for Formation of “Democratic” World Governance Body
Another Journalist Calls for Facebook to Be Regulated to Protect “Our” Democracy
Is Facebook’s Messenger Kids a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
Liberty Tech
The Paper-Based Electronics is Here
Wi-Fi Enabled, but no Power Needed for New 3D Printed Objects
Pocket-Sized Nuclear Reactors to Power NASA’s Mission to Mars
Russians Testing Blockchain-Based Local Elections
Belgian Company Offering 3D Printing Labs to Hospitals
2D Printing Breakthrough Promises 3D Printing Electronics Revolution
When You Need a New Heart, Just Get a 3D Printed One
Blockchain Platform Tokenizes Financial Assets Like Commodities
Algae, The New Bioplastic, Thanks to 3D Printing
Bacterial Ink to Create 3D-Printed Biological Minifactories
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