iSDaily Thursday –  December 7th, 2017 – Episode 003

How I Fry Bacon in the Wilds of Bearscatchuan

iSDaily Thursday –  December 7th, 2017 – Episode 003

In this episide of iWire Pulse (which can be seen Mon-Thurs at 9PM EST Right Here)
On Shorter Leash, the next great global war, Intellectual Property in Asia
On Longer Leash, FCC ends the Main Studio Rule, is it the death of “localism?”
On Off The Leash, we talk with Lou Sander about how he lives off the leash as much as he can.
Below are links to articles schedueld to be covered in the show.

Shorter Leash

The IP Global Wars- The Asian Market
Gov School Teachers Assured Job Based on Seniority, Even if Incompetent, Says Federal Court
Police Draw Blood From Patients Without Warrant in Two States
Ireland Considers Criminalizing Sharing “Fake News”
China’s Efforts to Push Worldwide Internet Censorship Gets Pushback
California Gov Schools Being Sued Because They’re Not Teaching Kids To Read
Potential Regulations, Court Battles Cast Shadow Over Currency Exchanges
Feed the Homeless During Thanksgiving and Get Arrested in Atlanta
Transgender Girl Badgered By Superior Court Judge While Seeking to Legally Change Name
Mother Trying to Get Evidence Daughter Being Bullied by Teacher Now Faces Felony Charges
Tanzania Police Arrest Woman For Kissing Woman on Video
Fed Reserve Rep Attacks Cryptocurrencies, Champions Central Banks
Texas Prison Bans “Where’s Waldo” Books
US Seizes Balony at Border from Food Terrorist
Anti-Drone Ammo Unveield by Nammo

Longer Leash

FCC Ends “Main Studio Rule”
Move to Somalia?  Sure, Now that THIS Happened
Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Creation of Gov Gun Blockchain Database
US Senate Prepares to Roll Back Local Banking Regs
The Power of Polls, and the Uncertainty, As Seen in Two Conflicting Gun Polls
Illinois Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Speech that Might Cause “Emotional Distress”
SCOTUS Says Obamacare is a Tax, so a Tax Bill Can End It
Anti-Drone Ammo Unveield by Nammo
CA Regs to Expand Allowable Size of Pot Farms


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