Robots Love and Make Love and We Worship Them

iWire Pulse Tuesday – December 12th, 2017 – Episode 005

On Lulzilla, we dive deep into the world of A.I-Created Fake Erotic Video
On iPonder, we discuss whether they will Praise Sophia the A.I Goddess
On iScience, we Explore the Feelz of Plants and whether eating plants is a violation of the NAP
Watch Our Show Live on The Liberty Principle Page
Reddit User Teaches A.I To Create Fake Celebrity “Erotic Videos”
Woman Rips off Man’s Testicles with Teeth, Only Pays Small Fine
Robots Being Taught to Predict the Future
Hillary Clinton Portrait Ticks off Security Dogs, and Shuts Down Roads
Malware Engine by Microsoft Requires Malware Protection
More Human Feet Show Up on Shore of British Columbia
Living Tatoos Created from 3D Printed Live Bacteria
Have You Prayed to Your A.I Today? Why Not?
If A.I Comes for White Collar Jobs, Will Political Backlash Push Laws to End the Threat?
Why I Hate Absolutarian Feminism
Declaration of Independence from the Culture of Acceptance
Plants Could Replace Animals as Test Subjects for Anesthetics
NASA has One Person Assigned to Defend the Earth From Aliens
There’s a New Matter in Town, Excitonium
More Electric-Conducting Filamnts from More Bacteria Say Microbiologists
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