iSDaily Wednesday – December 13th, 2017 – Episode 006

Roy Moore Ate My Baby, but My AI SJW Will Protect Me

Roy Moore Ate My Baby, but My AI SJW Will Protect Me

The One True Niz and Paul Gordon discuss:
On Newsfire, Virtue Signaling and Virtue Raging over Alabama
On Skynetter, Building a Better, Smarter, AI Social Justice Warrior
On Liberty Tech, Insta-3D Print and the Future of Microfacturing

Here is the Facebook Live version of the show:


What Roy Moore and Doug Jones Tell Us About the Nature of the State and Ourselves
Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit Goes Forward Thanks to 9th Circuit 3-Judge Panel
EU President Announces European Army Formation and Calls It “Sleeping Beauty”
Man Jailed for Not Unlocking iPhone, Despite Getting Warrant Order to Do So
ISPs Already Violating Net Neutrality Make Case FOR and AGAINST The Regs
EU Panics With Bitcoin Rise, Prepares to Launch Regulation War Against It
EU Warns US to Not Cut Taxes on Businesses Or Else it Could Disrupt International Trade


Google Team Working on Gender and Race Neutral A.I.
AI Programs to Make Fake Videos Look Real
US Military Testing AI Brain Implants that Can Alter Your Mood
Sophia the Robot is Test Model for Larger A.I Blockchain, SingularityNet
Mice Turned into Killers with Government-Sponsored Light-Sensitive Virus Experiment
Robots Could Mimic Cockroaches in How They Run

Liberty Tech

Move over 3D Printing, Near-Instant Volumetric Printing Is Set to Take Your Place
Wi-Fi Enabled, but no Power Needed for New 3D Printed Objects
Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Be Far More Efficient in the Near Future
Lithium Metal Battery Could Triple Range of Electric Cars and Trucks
Double-Glazing Technique Could Dramatically Boost Solar Panel Efficiency
Waze No Use in Palestinian Territories, so Maps.Me is Born to Meet the Demand
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