iSDaily Monday December 17th, 2017 – Episode 007

Take My Guns, UN, Please!

iSDaily Monday December 17th, 2017 – Episode 007

On this episode of iWire Pulse Monday, Professor Rambo and Paul Gordon cover:
on Full Auto:
No Gun Confiscation without Representation?
on iWorld:
The Kurdish Problem Between Russia and Iran
on iPrepper:
Fear is NOT the path to Good Prepping

Full Auto

Chicago Anti-Gun Politician Calls for UN Troops to Seize Guns from Americans
NY SAFE Act About to Create Hundreds of Thousands on Non-Complying “Criminals”
Police Buyback Programs Turn Into Gun Marketplaces



The Emerging Divide Between Iran and Russia Over Post-ISIS Syria
Erdogan’s Historic Greek Visit Marred by Demands for Greek Territory and Muslim “Rights”
Pentagon Warns Russians Their Planes Could Be Shot Down if They Enter US-Claimed Syrian Airspace
China Threatens to Invade Taiwan if US Navy Ship Docks in Port



Are You Prepping Out of Fear? Don’t
Preparing Your 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply
Germans to Start Tracking Preppers
Defending Your Home from Prevention to Catching the Invader in 8 Easy Steps
17 Items to Check How Prepared Your Family Is For Disaster
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