iSDaily Monday – January 8th, 2018 – Episode 010

From Russia with Love of a Bigger Caliber

iSDaily Monday – January 8th, 2018 – Episode 010

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On this episode of iSDaily Monday with Professor Rambo and Paul Gordon,
On Full Auto, the Russian Rifle Loophole.
On iWorld, the Line in the Middle East Sand.
On iPrepper, Live Your Prep at Home and in your Car.

Full Auto

New Russian Cartridge and Rifle – The 9.6x53mm Lancaster
Supreme Court to Consider if 3D Printed Gun Plans Should Be Allowed to Be Shared
Feds Try and Fail to Buy Guns Online Illegally…72 Times


The Emerging Line in the Middle East- Russia Versus the US
Chinese Ships Enter Japanese Waters Around Disputed Islands
Jordan Pushes for Recognition of East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State


Tips on Buying Homestead Property- Do Your Research First
Everyday Prep with your Vehicle and Your Home
Will Snowflake Fear of Trump Tweets Create Surge in Prepper Supply Businesses?
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