iSDaily Thursday – January 11th, 2018 – Episode 013

Daddy Gov Wants Solar Bucks, But Will Let You Buy Beer on Sundays

Daddy Gov Wants Solar Bucks, But Will Let You Buy Beer on Sundays



On this episode of iSDaily Thursday with Lou Sander and Paul Gordon,
On Shorter Leash, Daddy Gov Wants to Get Paid When You Solar
On Longer Leash, The Crown is Pleased to Let You Buy Beer on Sunday
On Off the Leash, Ghost Guns are Spooks, and Don’t You Forget it, Fed

Shorter Leash Top Story

Alabama Forces You to Pay the State to Use Solar Power

Longer Leash Top Story

Indiana Considering Allowing People to Buy Alcohol on Sundays

Off the Leash Top Story

The Rise of Ghost Guns and the Triggered Gun Grabbers
More Shorter Leash Storis
FBI’s Presentation of the Arrest of Alphabay Adminstrator that Killed Himself in Jail
US Appeals Court Rules You Can Spy on Private Property and Share Video
Are Regulations the Biggest Barrier for Bitcoin to Overcome?
More Longer Leash Stories
Nebraska Turns Back Efforts to Raise Gun Permit Fees
SCOTUS Lets Stand Mississippi “Religous Freedom” Law
Pro-Blockchain Bills Introduced in Nebraska
More Off the Leash Stories
Africa’s Great Hybrid Micro-Grid Experiment
Coin Profile- Optitoken- The Anti-Deflationary Coin
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