iSDaily Wednesday – January 17th, 2018 – Episode 016

AI Anchorman- News You Can Trust

AI Anchorman- News You Can Trust

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In this episode of iSDaily, The One True Niz and Paul Gordon end up spending the entire show talking about net neutrality and the after effects, as well as what that says about the net neutrality supporters and what it means for advancing liberty.

NewsFire Top Story

Net Neutrality Restoration Bill Has 49 Votes and Counting in Senate
Working to Recreate State-Wide Net Neutrality Instead of Ending ISP Monopolies
Building Local ISPs to Overcome the Net Neutrality Repeal


Skynetter Top Story

AI-Driven News Coming to China


Liberty Tech Top Story

A Glimpse Into the Anoymous Future Thanks to Quantum Computing


More iSDaily Wednesday Headlines


US Senate Set to Pass Warrentless Surveillance Bill This Week
Germany’s Central Bank Calls on World Laws to Combat Bitcoin
Half of Americans want to regulate news on social media
New Anti-Social Narrative, They’re Exploiting Users for Greedy Profit
Meet the Bitcoin Czar, Steven Mnuchin
France’s Debate on How to Stop Fake News
AntiGun Bills Die in Virginia Senate Committees
Regulation Nation Throws Monkey Wrench at Tiny Homes in Cape Cod
West Virginia Bill Would Make Bible Studies Mandatory in Schools


Using AI to Perfect Gene Editing
China Developing Drone Swarm Army, and They’re Not Alone
Commentary: How Blockchain Could Replace Social Security Numbers
EU Looks to Reign in Internet of Things with Regs Before it Explodes
YouTube’s AI is Keeping You Up Late At Night
Fears of Shadow Banning and Conservative Targeting on Twitter Confirmed?

Liberty Tech

Inflatable Smart Hydroponics Greenhouses For Cities
Scientists Share First-Ever Design for Quantum Computing Chip
AI Can Customize Your Med Care by Detecting Age of Your Cells
Quantum Computing Already Has a Rival, Neuromorphic Computing
Prime Number Could Possibly Offer Solutions To Bitcoin’s Electrical Problem
Growing Solar Cells is Cheap Alternative to Inorganic
Look out Tesla, Someone Might Have Built a Better Electic Car Battery
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