iSDaily Thursday – January 18th, 2018 – Episode 017

Police State Dollars, Police State Tech, and You

Police State Dollars, Police State Tech, and You

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On Shorter Leash, Meet the Future Police State Dollar, and It’s Digital
On Longer Leash, Madrid Fails to Put Catalonia to Heel
On Off The Leash, Dissent Through Tech, a Crypto-Anarchist Profile

Shorter Leash Top Story

US Treasury Secretary: The Dollar Could Be Converted Into “Digital Dollar”



Longer Leash Top Story

US House Bill Could Defund Potophobe Sessions’ Efforts
CO Senators Warn Treasury to Back Off Marijuana Banking



Off the Leash Top Story

JT D’souza: The thinking anarchist


More Headlines from iSDaily Thursday

Shorter Leash
SCOTUS Considers Taxing Online Purchases, Officially
Regulation Nation Throws Monkey Wrench at Tiny Homes in Cape Cod
World Bank Divests of Fossil Fuels in Separation from US
Colorado considering a ban on bump stocks like the ones used in Las Vegas shooting
Delaware Considers Bill Banning Gun Ownership for People with “Mental Illnesses”
GOP Gov Wants Cops to Be Immune from Lawsuits if They Kill Us


Longer Leash
Catalonia’s Parliament Chooses Independence, Still
AntiGun Bills Die in Virginia Senate Committees
Catalan Independence Leaders Fight To Be Released from Spanish Jails
Christie Pardons Two Men Caged For Possessing Firearms in NJ
VA Gov’s Plans to Ban Private Gun Sales Defeated….For Now
Left and Right Unite in WV to Challenge Civil Asset Forfeiture


Off the Leash
How Blockchain Could Save Rojava from Economic Blockades
A Glimpse Into the Anoymous Future Thanks to Quantum Computing
This amazing 3D-printed radio works, despite having no battery or outlet plug
Semiconductor breakthrough may be game-changer for organic solar cells
Metal 3D Printing Now Creating Consumer Products Like Faucets
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