iSDaily Thursday – January 25th, 2018 – Episode 019

The Nimby of Throw The Bums Out

iSDaily Thursday – January 25th, 2018 – Episode 019

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On this episode of iSDaily Thursday with Lou Sander and Paul Gordon,
On Shorter Leash, Hating Congress, But Voting For Incumbents
On Longer Leash, Fear of the Italexit,
On Off The Leash, Microgrids for the Neighborhood.

Shorter Leash Top Story
With Approvals Below 30%, Only 10% of US House Races Competitive
Longer Leash Top Story
Could Italexit Come After Italy Elections?
Off the Leash Top Story
The Rise of Microgrids and the Power to Go Off-grid, as a Community


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Shorter Leash
Trump Approves Tariffs on Solar Panels, Washing Machines
Big Social Violates Antitrust Laws, Say Free Market Conservatives
SCOTUS to Consider Letting States Tax Out-of-State Online Retailers
Longer Leash
VA Senate Set to Allow the Plebes to Carry Guns in Churches
California Loses Another Gun Manufacturer in Wake of Anti-Gun Laws
Catalonia Gets a Little Taste of Rojava, and They Like It
Off the Leash
Off-Grid Community Showcases Self-Reliance Power of Earthships
Building Blockchain Protocols to Create Sharing Economies
3D Print Your Prescription Drugs from Home
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