iSDaily Tuesday – January 30th, 2018 – Episode 021

Lobster Lives Matter and Science Sucks

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Lobster Lives Matter and Science Sucks

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On this episode of iSDaily Tuesday with Bodhi Agora and Paul Gordon,
On Lulzilla, Getting Your Gaydar On
On iScience, #LobsterLivesMatter
On iPonder, Science is Not Truth

Lulzilla Top Story
Gaydar is Real, Says Stanford Researcher
iScience Top Story
Do Animals Have Rights? In Switzerland, Lobsters Now Do
iPonder Top Story
Chipotle Shows Limits of AI in Research Marketing
Is Your Fitbit Exposing Classified Military Secrets? Signs Point to Yes
University’s Herpes Vaccine Tests in Hotel Rooms Exposed
Sophia the Robot Glitches OVer Ukraine Corruption Question
Molecule May Offer Revolutionary Treatment for Asthma, Allergies
Killer Lasers Could Destroy the Void
Humans Can Be Levitate With Acoustic Tractor Beam
eDemocracy or Something Even More Earth Shattering?
Government Blockchain, the New Direct Republic?
The Job-Creation Case for the Rise of the Robots
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