iSDaily Wednesday – January 31st, 2018 – Episode 022

The War on Drugs is an OP

On this episode of iSDaily Wednesday with The One True Niz and Paul Gordon,
On NewsFire, The War on Drugs is a Weapon of War
On Skynetter, Minority Report in the Rising Sun
On Liberty Tech, Mesh Beats Net Neutrality

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iSDaily Wednesday – January 31st, 2018 – Episode 022


NewsFire Top Story
How Sessions is Using the War on Drugs to Assault Anonymity
Skynetter Top Story
Japan to Get Minority-Report-Styled AI Police Tool
Liberty Tech Top Story
Make Net Neutrality Moot with Mesh Networks
Is SCOTUS Set to Become a Union Buster?
Belarus Becoming Cryptocurrency Friendly
EU Threatens Trade War with US
FCC Chair Rejects White House Idea of Nationalizing 5G Network
SCOTUS Might Halt PA Court Decision Against Gerrymandering
VA House Considers Bill Allowing Ads to Be Sold on School Buses
Gov Borrowing to Hit 8-Year High
Cliven Bundy Turns Tables on Federal Government
AI Judges Will Crush Your Reputation and Destroy You, Maybe
Ireland Chooses AI Doctors and AI Criminal Judges
Magnetic Pole Reversal Could Challenge Tech Communications
Anti-Drone Shield Placed over Davos
Liberty Tech
Mechanical Cell-Manipulation Could Be Key To Cell Regeneration
Micro-Factories Recycle E-Waste into 3D Printer Material
New GE Metal 3D Printer 10 Times Faster than Average Printers
Hydroponics to the Rescue for Haitian Orphanage
Micro-Worm-Bots Could Deliver Targeted Meds Inside Your Body
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