iSDaily Wednesday- February 7th, 2018 – Episode 025

Harvard’s Man-Hate Rears Its Public Head

On this episode of iSDaily Wednesday with The One True Niz and Paul Gordon,
On NewsFire, Harvard Hates Men, and Here’s Proof.
On Skynetter, Killer AI Robots are Now a Thing.
On Liberty Tech, Crowdfunding through the Blockchain.

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Harvard’s Man-Hate Rears Its Public Head


NewsFire Top Story
Harvard Bans Men’s Groups, Reclassify Women’s Groups as “Gender-Focused”
Skynetter Top Story
China to Have AI-Run Killer Subs
Liberty Tech Top Story
Funding Through Your Own ICO Could Bypass Limitations, Costs of Crowdfunding
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Your Next Doctor Might be an AI Operating on a Blockchain
How Google and Facebook Are Tracking Your Whole Online Life
Liberty Tech
Triboelectricity Will Give You Wireless Power from Motion Alone
3D Printing Enhances Radiotherapy Treatment of Cancer
New Single-Piston Engines Could Make Combustible Engines Great Again
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