iSDaily Tuesday – February 13th, 2018 – Episode 028

Here Comes the Crustacean-Wave Feminists

On this episode of iSDaily Tuesday with Bodhi Agora and Paul Gordon,
On Lulzilla, Femme Fetale Crustaceans Crush the Universe.
On iScience, Falcon Heavy Fakery?
On iPonder, Morality is Math and it Will Drive Your Car.

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Here Comes the Crustacean-Wave Feminists

Lulzilla Top Story

All-Female Crayfish Threaten to Take Over The World
 40 Year Old Blind, Bisexual Swan Dies After Helping Raise Kids of Gay Lover

iScience Top Story

Flat Eathers Deny Falcon Heavy Launch, Call it Fake

iPonder Top Story

A Mathematical Morality for Self-Driving Cars

More iSDaily Tuesday Headlines

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Schiff Falls for Fake Trump Pics with Russian Models
Human Eggs Successfully Fully Grown in Lab
New Theory Suggests the Milky Way is A Galaxy Eater
Body on Chip Bioprinting Aid Doctors in Targeted Treatment
Organic Semiconductors? Self-Assembling Liquid Crystals Could Be the Answer
Non-Violent Activist Dies, Leaves Behind “Non-Violent Nationalism” Philosophy
Breaking the World Banking Cabal with the Blockchain
Are Quantom Computers All Hype?  Here’s an Argument That Says Yes….
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