iSDaily Thursday – February 15th, 2018 – Episode 030

The World Bank Leash….Broken

On this episode of iSDaily Thursday with Lou Sander and Paul Gordon,
On Shorter Leash, The World Banking of the World
On Longer Leash, Civil Asset Backtrack
On Off The Leash, The World Bank Buster

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The World Bank Leash….Broken


Shorter Leash Top Story

World Bank Announces Large-Scale Social Engineering Program

Longer Leash Top Story

CO Bill Seeks to “Fix” Civil Asset Forfeiture Law After Cops Complain About Lost Revenue

Off the Leash Top Story

Breaking the World Banking Cabal with the Blockchain

More iSDaily Thursday Headlines

Shorter Leash

Local Power Choice Hampered by New California Rule
The First Calls for a New Crypto-Cop Agency Come from the New York Times

Longer Leash

Iowa’s Move to End Permit-Based Gun Carry Upsets Prog Media Writer, Kathie Obradovich
National Reciprocity on Right to Carry Triggers Police Chiefs
Appeals Court Says Tennessee’s $250 DUI Fee Unconstitutional
Iowa’s Constitutional Amendment to Affirm 2A Passes Through Its First Hurdle

Off the Leash

New Aeroponics Farm Offers Year-Round Fresh Produce to Minnesota Community
Forget the Bug-Out Bag, I Want a Bug-Out House



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