iSDaily Thursday – February 22nd, 2018 – Episode 034

Steal More Stuff, For the Children, Says IMF

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On this episode of iSDaily Thursday with Lou Sander and Paul Gordon,
On Shorter Leash, IMF Cries About Tax Cuts
On Longer Leash, Florida Says Maybe No on Gun Theft
On Off The Leash, 3D Printed Fashion Girl

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Steal More Stuff, For the Children, Says IMF

Shorter Leash Top Story

IMF Complains about US Tax Cuts, Warns It’s Bad for the Children

Longer Leash Top Story

Florida Bill Would Prevent Cops from Confiscating Guns Without Due Process

Off the Leash Top Story

Teen Girl Uses 3D Printing to Build Fashion Business


 A Call to Ban Porn, or How Left Right Neo-Puritanism is More Alike than Different

More Headlines from iSDaily Thursday

Shorter Leash

Idaho’s Nullification Bill Dies in the House
Kansas to Outlaw Teens, Dogs, Running for Governor
Supremes Rule Prisoners Must Pay More to Lawyers When Winning Civil Rights Suits
Federal judge rules that embedded tweets can represent copyright infringement
NY Federal Judge Rules Instagram, Twitter Embeds Are Copyright-Protected Material

Longer Leash

Tennessee Bill Would Protect Airbnbs from Local Regulations
Idaho Bill Would Undermine Civl Asset Forfeiture in State
Wyoming Bill Would Free Crypto from Taxation
Tennessee Bill Would Protect Airbnbs from Local Regulations

Off the Leash

Company Offers 3D Printed Electronics On-Demand
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