iSDaily Wednesday – March 14th, 2018 – Episode 042

Loving the Police State More than We Love Our Kids

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On this episode of iSDaily Wednesday with The One True Niz and Paul Gordon,
On NewsFire, the Cattle Car Guide Rally of 2018
On Skynetter, Google Helps Killer Drones
On Liberty Tech, Printing Cars in China

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Loving the Police State More than We Love Our Kids – iSDaily Wednesday

NewsFire Top Story

Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization

Skynetter Top Story

Google Helps US Military Kill More Efficiently with AI Drones

Liberty Tech Top Story

China Introduces 3D-Printed Electic Car, the LSEV

More iSDaily Wednesday Headlines

Seattle Gives Homeless Man $1,025 Fine for Existing
FDA Targets Homeopathy For Greater Regulations
Sessions Invokes False Fear to Justify Crackdown on Background Checks for Guns
DeepFake Could Hack the 2020 Election, and That’s a Beautiful Thing
EU Aims to Reign in Crowdfunding in Effort to Halt Democratization of Finance
China’s New Satellite Will Track “Most Violent” Areas of the Universe
Liberty Tech
Communicating at Twice the Speed of Light Thanks to Quantum Physics
Proton Battery Becomes Latest Challenger to Lithium-Ion Battery
E-Threads Will Enable Electronics to Be Embroidered Into ‘Smart’ Fabrics
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