iSDaily Monday – March 19th, 2018 – Episode 044

How to Be a Surrender Monkey in One Easy NRA Step

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On this episode of iSDaily Monday with Professor Rambo and Paul Gordon,
On Full Auto, NRA’s Controlled Opposition Strategy
On iWorld, The Fall of Afrin
On iPrepper, Bacon in a Can

iSDaily Monday
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Full Auto Top Story

NRA Buckles Again, Backs Gun-Violence Restraining Orders

iWorld Top Story

Kurds Flee Afrin, TurkReich Enters City Center

iPrepper Top Story

Prepping with Bacon – How to Preserve Bacon

 More iSDaily Monday Stories

Full Auto

California’s Gun Confiscation Model Goes Forward with More Select Seizures
The Rise of AR-15 Liberty Rifles Continue After Parkland
NRA Challenges Efforts to Lift Restrictions on CDC Engaging in Anti-Gun Propaganda


Afrin Now Fully Surrounded, and the Water Has Been Cut Off
Iranian Relations With Russia Strained as Result of Syrian War
Spain Outlaws Political Satire
TurkReich Surrounds City of Afrin as Death Toll Mounts
TurkReich’s Genocidal Assault on Afrin Creates Thousands of Kurdish Refugees
China Moving Back to More Command-and-Control-Styled Market Management

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How to Be a Surrender Monkey in One Easy NRA Step – iSDaily Monday

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