iSDaily Thursday – March 22nd, 2018 – Episode 047

Don’t Tax Me, Bro, I’m a Freaking Robot!

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Show Notes

Show Notes

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On this episode of iSDaily Thursday with Lou Sander and Paul Gordon,
On Shorter Leash, Taxing Robot Labor
On Longer Leash, Wyoming Asset Waiver Blocker
On Off The Leash, A Soda Tax Creates Liberty
On iPonder, Reading the Signs and Preparing Your Kids

iSDaily Thursday
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Shorter Leash Top Story

A Tax on Robot Labor Could Be in the Works

Longer Leash Top Story

Wyoming Bill Banning Civil Asset Forfeiture Wavers Passes Legislature

Off the Leash Top Story

Philly Soda Tax Leads to Creation of Black Market


DC Elites Flock to Doomsday City, Fortitude Ranch
The Case for Teaching Self-Reliance to Kids

More Headlines from iSDaily Thursday

Shorter Leash
Congress Inserts Gun Regs Into Budget at Last Minute
Tennessee Makes $100,000 from Fining People for Braiding Hair
Longer Leash
Illinois Governor Vetos Anti-Gun Dealer Licensing Legislation
Off the Leash
Five Ideal Off-The-Grid Homesteading Destinations in North America

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Don’t Tax Me, Bro, I’m a Freaking Robot! – iSDaily Thursday

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