Mimics in the Garden of Good and Evil- iSDaily – Ep 53

iSDaily’s Leash Me Alone – Thursday, April 19th, 2018

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On this episode of Leash Me Alone, Lou Sander and Paul Gordon discuss Mimics in the Garden, or, how to spot the “fake” Libertarians.  For a good context of what we are talking about, we recommend you listen to this podcast by the Bad Quaker, Ben Stone:

Mimics in the Garden of Liberty

Also scheduled to be discussed;
Tax All the Things, Civil Asset Loopholes and Human Trafficking Liberation

Leash Me Alone
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Here are some more stories which we may or may not cover in this episode:

Shorter Leash

Will Scotus Expand States’ Power to Tax the Internet?

Longer Leash

Cops Working Around Civil Asset Forfeiture Ban Being Challenged at Utah Supreme Court

Off the Leash

Human Trafficking Victims Can Make, Sell 3D-Printed Jewelry Thanks to Startup

More Stories from Leash Me Alone

Shorter Leash

IMF Head Continues to Call for Reguations of Bitcoin, FinTech
Illinois Senate Bill Would Give Local Goverments the Power to Confiscate Your Guns

Longer Leash

Massachusetts High Court Rules Stun Gan Ban Law is Unconstitutional

Off the Leash

Off-Grid-Living Couple Aims to Share Their Self-Reliant Skills with Others
Georgia Couple Makes Dream Come True By Building Their Own Off-Grid Community
Anarchist Profile- Scott Crow on Gun Control and State Power
Anarchy, the Blockchain, and You
Profile in Liberty- Lucy Parsons, Slave Turned Anarchist in the Gilded Age
Amanda the AI Will Help You Get a Loan on the Blockchain, Thanks to MoneyToken


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