Ikea Offers Bug Versions of Meatballs and Burgers

Tired of those delicious Swedish meatballs you can get at Ikea? Well, there’s a solution for that, and it’s from Ikea. The solution is to replace that delicious Swedish meatball with a ‘delicious’ Swedish “Neatball.”

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not neat, it’s outright hideous (subjectively so). The Neatball is made out of…..bugs…well…mealworms. Sure, there’s some other vegetable stuff in them, but really, we’re basically talking about balls of mashed up mealworms with a vegetable chaser.

Other new culinary delights include a “bug burger” and “herbacious ice cream.”

They’re calling this the “fast food of the future,” but I’m gonna call it the yuck of the present (subjectively so). Still, if mealworms is your thing, and vegetarianism or veganism is your thing, this could be good news for you (subjectively so).

From Time.com

Don’t Bug Out But Ikea Is Working on ‘Mealworm Meatballs’ and ‘Bug Burgers’

Ikea meatballs are almost as much of a draw for customers as their furry, Game of Thrones-approved rugs or their iconic Fratka shopping bags, but now the Swedish home goods giant will be offering a bug-filled alternative to their famous viand: the “Neatball.”

According to a blog post by Space10, their sustainability lab in Copenhagen, Ikea is “reimagining” five of its beloved dishes to be less wasteful of the earth’s resources, which means swapping meat out for plants and bugs. In addition to mealworm and vegetable “neatballs,” Ikea will also offer a vegan hot dog with a blue-green micro-algae bun, a “bug burger,” a loaded salad, and an herbacious ice cream, food that they’ve personally dubbed as “the fast food of the future.”

If the idea of “neatballs” seems daunting, however, rest assured that Ikea will still be serving them with their traditional mashed potatoes, gravy, and ligonberry sauce. Bon Appétit!

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