Illinois Bill to Outlaw AR15s and Ghost Guns

In the wake of the Florida shooting, Illinois Gun Grabbing Ideologues are seizing on the fear porn momentum to introduce a bill that would ban AR15s and so-called ghost guns (we call them Liberty guns on this site).

The bill hopes to take advantage of a well-orchestrated campaign of fear porn that exploited the deaths of children and exploited the survivors of the shooting, for the purpose of producing in the non-gov human cattle a begging for more liberties to be crushed, in the name of safety and children.

From NPR Illinois

Illinois Lawmaker Looks To Ban AR-15, ‘Ghost Guns’

An Illinois proposal has been drafted in response to the deadly shooting at a Florida high school last week. The newly filed measure would ban so-called “ghost guns.”

The guns are assembled outside of a factory or store by individuals who don’t file serial numbers for the weapons. State Rep. Martin Moylan, D-Des Plaines, says these guns should not be available to the general public. “You can order online parts and when you get them you can assemble a workable, fire-able firearm.”

Moylan says another important step in preventing gun violence is a total ban on AR-15s, a very popular semi- automatic rifle. He plans to file a separate measure that would do just that.

“That’s the one that is mostly used [in] these mass shootings. It’s an assault type rifle that seems like these kids and  mass shooters favor to use because they’re killing machines,” says Moylan. “The hunters I know don’t use these guns.”

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