Illinois Senate Bill Would Give Local Goverments the Power to Confiscate Your Guns

Gun grabbers are testing out new tactics every day to nudge America ever closer to their dream fantasy utopian rapture that is a police state where the governed are completely at the mercy of the governing. A new tactic is to work to pass laws that allow local communities to pass anti-gun, anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-progress laws for themselves.
In Illinois, there is a Senate Bill that would give local community thug organizations (that’s local government to you “normies”) the power to pass laws that could potentially lead to armed thugs knocking on your door to take your guns and, possibly, throw you in a cage or shoot you if you resist.


Bill giving cities control over assault weapons rules passes Senate committee

A bill that would give municipalities exclusive authority to regulate the possession of assault-style weapons cleared an Illinois Senate committee Tuesday.

Senate Bill 2314 would eliminate the pre-emption put in place following the passage of the state’s concealed carry law in 2013.

It passed 7-5 with all Republicans and state Sen. Bill Haine, D-Alton, casting “no” votes. It will go before the full Senate, where it will join a slew of other gun control measures the legislature has taken up in the past few months.

“We’re not asking you to approve a statewide ban, we’re asking you to allow locally elected representatives to do their jobs and represent the unique interests of their communities,” said Nancy Rotering, the mayor of north suburban Highland Park and a former candidate for Illinois attorney general. “They may choose to ask the question, and they may choose not to. But at least allow them to exercise that constitutional right.”


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