IMF Complains about US Tax Cuts, Warns It’s Bad for the Children

The global social engineering corporation that derives its power from coercive enterprises is “warning” the global community that efforts by the US to (allegedly) reduce the amount of money it takes from people for having the privilege of exchanging value between one another within American borders (or simply with people who reside within the borders), is just bad for the economy.

In other words, the IMF is complaining that the Trump administration is not stealing enough from people.  It’s bad for the kind of business the IMF thrives on, the business of coercion.

If you have an economy that derives its strength from stealing from others, then ponder this, what kind of economy do you have, and why should anyone want to perpetuate it?

The IMF Warns Trump’s Tax Cuts Could Trigger a Global ‘Race to the Bottom’

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the Trump administration’s $1.5 trillion tax cut could prompt other nations to follow suit, fueling a “race to the bottom” that risks hemming in public spending.

…“What we are beginning to see already and what is of concern is the beginning of a race to the bottom, where many other policy makers around the world are saying: ‘Well, if you’re going to cut tax and you’re going to have sweet deals with your corporates, I’m going to do the same thing,”’ Lagarde said.

…“You need public money,” she said. “The race to the bottom is not conducive to those investments and to helping prepare the workforce and our societies for this new economy of tomorrow.”

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