Indiana Considering Allowing People to Buy Alcohol on Sundays

Apparently, the crown is pleased, at least in Indiana, to allow you to finally buy and sell alcohol on Sunday. Well, not yet. The bill was introduced in in Indiana’s State Senate and will soon hit the Senate floor after it passed a major hurdle, making it out of committee. Yesterday, January 11th, 2018. the bill was voted out of the Senate’s Public Policy Committee by a vote of 9-0. Not one member of that Senate Committee chose to tell the people of Indiana that the crown was not pleased to have them buy or sell alcohol on Sunday.
The people of Indiana thank you 9 crown representatives for choosing to set the potential for the crown to definitely say, hey, we are NOW pleased to allow to buy and sell this certain thing on Sunday. You’re welcome. Thanks, crown, thanks for giving us hope. See? The system works (sarcasm mode activated).

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