Indiana Town Proposes Taxing You For the Wheels on Your Vehicle

If it moves, tax it


The good people of Shelbyville, Indiana could soon see a new tax from their city council.  The new tax would target their cars.  The tax would be an excise tax and a “wheel tax on motor vehicles.”  The local news reporting this story, the Shelbyville News, apparently thought that this proposed tax was just a ho hum run of the mill story.  They reported it pretty matter of factly, along with a list of other new tax proposals introduced by the Council’s ordinance committee.

That’s right, there’s an ordinance committee in Shelbyville.  What kind of person do you have to be to sit on an ordinance committee, busy attempting to invent new ways for your little fiefdom, your coercive enterprise to attempt to raise more revenue?
Now, you might be asking, if you’re not a Shelbyville reporter (who apparently either is best friends with the council or is totally oblivious to the level of insanity in a council that presumes it can literally tax you for owning a freaking car), why the new, creative taxes, bub?  Well, and I am going to quote the article here, it’s because of this, “slow growth is the main reason for turning to increased fees and alternative taxes.”

Their little fiefdom, or coercive enterprise, is just not bringing in enough revenue to feed the beast, so they have to invent clever ways to make more money.  Some of the other insane proposals include creating a number of new fees, or simply increasing the price of fees that already exist.  Also, how about increasing ambulance fees, increasing trash pick-up fees?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to run a business where, if you hit a hard economic stretch, you can simply raise your prices and even charge people for just having stuff?  You could only do that when you have the implied threat of government guns behind you.  Shelbyville, there’s no easy way to say this, shame on you.

From The Shelbyville News

A committee of the Shelbyville Common Council will recommend to the full council levying an excise tax and wheel tax on motor vehicles.

Members of the council’s Ordinance Committee on Monday reviewed a proposed ordinance that would place an excise tax of $7.50 to $25 on passenger vehicles, motorcycles, light trucks and motor driven cycles.

In addition, the ordinance calls for a wheel tax of $5 to $40 on buses, RVs, semitrailers, tractors, trailers and trucks.

Money raised by the new taxes would go toward roads and street maintenance and repairs, the ordinance states.

The council’s Finance Committee looked at possibly enacting a number of new or increased fees during the 90-minute meeting, including:

n Boosting fees charged by the Shelbyville Plan Commission for new building projects

n Increasing the ambulance fees charged by the Fire Department

n Charging for trash pickup

n Creating a park impact fee on new residential development

No immediate action will be taken on the fee increases discussed.

“This is more of an informational meeting today,” said Councilman Brian Asher (R – At Large), chairman of the Ordinance Committee.

Slow growth is the main reason for turning to increased fees and alternative taxes.