iNews Headlines – September 27th, 2017


Liberty Headlines

DEA Head Resigns Over Trump Comments About Cops Being Too Nice

Court Rules “Stingray” Cell Phone Spy System Can Only Be Used With Warrant

SCOTUS to Decide on Gerrymandering over 200 Years After It Began


The Outlaw Nature of Cryptocurrency, and Why You Should Embrace It


South Korea To Conduct On-Site Inspections of Crytocurrency Exchanges


Multivalent Metals Could Replace Lithium to Power Our Batteries

Optical Forging Could Take 3D Printing to the Next Level

Quantum Computing Breakthrough Promises Ease of Managing Qubits

Twitter Announces It Might Go From 140 to 280 Characters per Tweet


Latest California Anti-Gun Bill Assaults Long Gun Open Carry in Un-Incorporated Zones

Charleston, WV Ordinance Banning Guns in Public Parks Shot Down by Court


Man’s Lung Tumor Turns Out to be a Toy Inhaled in Childhood

Man Wears Beer Shenanigans T-Shirt While Performing Beer Shenanigans


Mother Monster Gets Get Well Gifts from Queen Bay

Steven Seagal Ditches Ninja-Wanna-Be Look to Come Out Swinging Against Anthem Protests

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