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Father of the American Cavalry May Have Had a Little Woman in Him, No, Literally

So there’s this guy named Casimir Pulaski who is considered by enough people so as not to make the title of this story clickbait, the father of the American Cavalry.  The fact that his name is hardly of the WASPY variety makes this ‘fact’ quite fitting of the alleged American spirit.  But wait, there’s more.  According to Virginia Hutton Estabrook, an assistant professor of anthropology at Georgia Southern University, “One of the ways that male and female skeletons are different is the pelvis.  In females, the pelvic cavity has a more oval shape. It’s less heart-shaped than in the male pelvis. Pulaski’s looked very female.”
She went on to explain that it essentially appears at least likely he is one of one in 2000 people who fall into a category called Intersex. “Intersex, as Pulaski is suspected to perhaps have been, is an individual who carries both biological characteristics of males and females.”- All That’s Interesting. | Get the Full Story


  • If Government Fixed the Roads, This Man Might Be Dead

    WOWT reports an ambulance from the town of Gretna was en route to Lakeside Hospital, transporting a patient with a racing heart. The man’s heart reportedly hit a rate of 200 beats per minute. As paramedics worked to get his heart rate down, the rig hit a pothole and the man’s heart rate went back down to normal. – | Get the Full Story […]

  • Get These Emin Effin Snakes Out of This Emin Effin Liberian Presidential Office

    A spokesman says Liberia’s president is working from home after two snakes were found in the building that contains his office.  Deputy press secretary Smith Toby tells The Associated Press that former international soccer star and President George Weah was told to stay away until the Foreign Affairs building can be fumigated. He is expected back in the office on Monday. – AP NEWS | Get the Full Story […]

  • When You Get that Big Mac Attack, You Call 911, Or So This Five Year Old Thought

    A 5-year-old Michigan boy had a craving for McDonald’s but his grandmother was sleeping so he called 911 and made a request.  WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids reports Iziah Hall of Wyoming asked the dispatcher: “Can you bring me McDonald’s?” Dispatcher Sara Kuberski says she told him no but reached out to the police.  WZZM-TV | Get the Full Story […]

  • Identical Twins, One Girl, One Affair Equals Shared Child Support

    One of the twins had a casual fling with a woman who later gave birth to a baby girl. The woman isn’t certain which twin is the dad.  Judge Filipe Luis Peruca ordered the brothers, identified only as Fabricio and Fernando, to take DNA tests….The judge…. ordered each twin to fork over $60 a month, or 30 percent of the Brazilian minimum wage, toward child support. – HuffPost | Get the Full Story […]


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