Ireland Chooses AI Doctors and AI Criminal Judges

Ireland is embracing AI in a big way, and it wants AI to make major decisions in place of people, including how to treat people medically and how long to jail them when they commit crimes.  This is fine.  Everything is fine.

Ireland wants a future where AI makes medical decisions and delivers jail sentences

In Ireland, attempts are being made to ensure that the country is at the forefront of such advancement.

For an economy that prides itself on being the European hub of so many global tech firms, it’s vital that it’s not left behind when it comes to AI.

One of the most important ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to have the requisite skills in this country and a new Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the University of Limerick hopes to achieve just that.

The masters programme was launched earlier this week with UL’s Dr. Ann Ledwith telling a room of industry players that she expects 60 students to be in place by this time next year.

The programme will teach modules such as Machine Learning and Data Mining and will be part-time, with a large proportion conducted online.

The subjects were developed with the help of 36 companies already working in the area of AI.

The industry is also funding one-third of the cost through training network Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and its director Paul Sweetman says AI is something Ireland simply must be on board with……

……Only this week, it was revealed that the British government is to start developing ethical rules in preparation for AI technologies carrying out expert tasks like diagnosing patients and handing down prison sentences.

The medical arena alone is one area where AI could prove to be literally live-saving and Sweetman explains how it could be used to speed up treatment amid a shortage of doctors and consultants.

“It can be extended to robotic surgery and they’re talking about that now and they’re doing clinical trials, not on humans, but on the way to that.”

In cancer treatment the AI program essentially reads all the peer-reviewed journals that are out there, all the information that is on cancer drugs and they can then assess individual patients’ needs and map out what their cancer treatment should be, and in some case the AI being used to augment the doctors and physicians ability.
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