Ireland Gets First Living Tissue 3D Bioprinting Lab

Finally, Ireland will have its own mad scientist lab where it can grow, through 3D bioprinting, living tissues.

Ok, so my characterization of this lab may be a tad hyperbolic, but still, if Dr. Frankenstein could have had this lab, I bet his monster would have looked a lot nicer and maybe, just maybe, would not have turned on his creator.

Be that as it may, let’s get back to ACTUAL news here.

The Amber Center in Ireland, thanks in no small part to Johnson & Johnson, will be getting a state of the art bioprinting lab where they can conduct experiments on growing living tissue, for science, and for medicine.

From Silicon Republic

Ireland to get its own dedicated 3D bioprinting lab to grow ‘living’ tissue

The AMBER centre is partnering with Johnson & Johnson to open a new dedicated 3D bioprinting lab.

3D printing doesn’t have to be about creating everyday items, with 3D bioprinting showing that it is possible to grow ‘living’ cell and tissue cultures for use in advanced clinical research.

Now, Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) AMBER centre has announced a partnership with global healthcare company Johnson & Johnson to open a collaborative laboratory focused on 3D bioprinting by the end of 2018.

The company will also engage in research projects focused initially in orthopaedics and, in the long term, offer its internal scientific experts as adjunct professors, and engage in staff exchanges.

The lab will be jointly led by AMBER’s Prof Daniel Kelly and Johnson & Johnson’s lead API and bioprinting researcher Joseph Ault. It will be made available to other principal investigators as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students to carry out project work outside of the direct collaborative activity.

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