Is America The Devil You Know?

For the most part, the political “debate” in America occurs at the surface level where, more often than not, people are hygienically removed from the potential direct violent and/or deceptive action that might take place against their own family neighbors, their own friends.
Most Americans still think they’re debating ideas, when what they’re really doing is engaging in information and disinformation assault and defense actions that are producing real actions by real people with real guns and real bank account and network access powers who can act with little accountability.
They are all fighting over the decreasing spoils of a disintegrating system which is largely disintegrating because no one is fundamentally talking about the fact that, like it or not, we 320 or so millions share space in a land with a nation-state’s protection and a nation-state’s imposition.
This condition is the same virtually everywhere around the world, with few exceptions.
In this space, other nation-states compete with this one to do to the world what this nation-state has done, get as much as it can while paying these least amount to do so.
We 320 million or so are, for the most part, tied to this reality, and pined to this nation-state.
While America points guns at each other over guns, race, sexuality, ‘illegality’ of humans, the greatness of this or that race, the crapness of this or that race, the mechanisms that give you the degree of prosperity that you have, the degree of security you have, that’s kind of falling apart, and other nation-states are quickly closing the gap on American power.
You might cheer this on.
But what does a world with a different superpower look like? What does a world without a superpower look like? TO you…where you live, not off in your cloud cuckooland, where you live.
It looks like less for everyone in America, and more for others. Maybe ideationally this is cool for you, but I’m betting a lot of you still clinking to cloud cuckoo will cry yourselves to sleep when you witness the degradation of the quality of things like sports, movies, new iphones……or to see a world in which our economy is largely dictated to by a new ecooomic power, like China.
Yeah, we did it, are doing, it to them. But if and when ‘we’ stop, your life is gonna suck, materially, security-wise, stability-wise.
I’m willing to participate in a cold as fuck conversation about this nation-state and what might be done not to reform or save a nation-state, but create space for people to co-exist and, at the very least, maintain force deterrence and transition to more domestic-based sustaining and consensual-based economy (then we can leave the world alone more and more and still have the real power to resist dominance by the next pretender to the throne of I am the greatest).
I really want to have these conversations, conversations not based on ideals, but based on a brutal understanding of the reality of power, especially the part where we 320 plus million are unavoidably all connected to this plight this reality.
The transition, if it will ever happen, from nation-state to consensuality ‘state’ will involve some strategic, pragmatic (non-reform-based) use of the ‘state’ to carve out these spaces for co-existence and effective continual development and deployment of force deterrence against competing nation-states.
These are new thoughts for me, and, frankly, very depressing ones, subjectively.
My current terrible idea is this:
You cannot kill the state.
You cannot reform the state.
Your land is not your own unless you can hold the land.
Nothing good happens with a weak America.
No political faction can maintain America’s strength without the others.
America needs a new agreement for a new peace.

The continued weakening of America is not, I believe, all that good for my personal prospects, or for the prospects of most of the people I know and love.
I also view the competitors of America to be potentially even more exploitative and oppressive to its client states and fiefdoms than America currently is. 
So I don’t see an improvement, overall, for even most of the world, as far as oppression and exploitation goes
Therefore, I am rooting for a strong America, not because she is better, morally or otherwise, but because I and the people I love live here.
A strong America cannot continue if America’s political factions do not find a new agreement, a new contract, to reestablish the useful ideational illusion of rule of law.
There will be losses for all sides, in the end, for otherwise, there will be catastrophic loses for all, I believe.