Is the Fight Against Racism Producing More Racism?

The ‘fight’ against racism and bigotry has produced, in my opinion, more racism and bigotry than it alleges to be fighting.   

I suspect that a significant minority of folks who have joined in the ‘fight’ against racism and bigotry fall within a group I will be talking about, the brigade of hate haters, or the hate haters brigade.  This group of fighters against racism, while a small (but still significant) minority, are, in my opinion, the thought leaders, the loudest voices, the ones who get the most views on YouTube, FOX News, and MSNBC, which is why I am focusing my attention on them as opposed to looking at the overall ‘movement’ against ‘hate.’

I believe, in large part, the reason behind the rise and power of this group is the moral certainty with which the ‘fighters’ against racism and bigotry base their claims, rather than nakedly standing on their preferences.  This claim of moral certainty cuts off critical, measured, thoughtful thinking, and empowers the ones with the bullhorns to claim greater and greater personal power over others by simply saying, it’s moral, and you’re evil.
I doubt many of these folks even know what preferences they’re actually fulfilling by joining the brigade of hate haters.  I also suspect the worse of them (many with the biggest bullhorns) are mere opportunists building personal empires by throwing demonizing bombs at people who will pay them to do it.
“Please,” they say, “Feed our hate, confirm our nobility and confirm their subhumanity.”

One of their favorite slogans when they demand this or that action (especially when govguns are entered into the equation) is that they intend on being on the right side of history, which reveals the moral tyranny the hate haters brigade is built upon.

History is written……and “TAUGHT” by the victors….

So…..unless you believe might makes right, you can never be on the right side of history.  To be on the “right” side of history is to be on the MIGHT side of history.

If you assume that the values you hold as moral certainties are the inevitable result of human progress, well, I’m here to tell you that you’re gonna have a bad time, if you live long enough (at most, 20 more years).

The aggregate of human claims on morality, in any given community, is more the result of the reality of power than any kind of objective, ‘moral’ understanding of human action (the preferred and the prohibited).

No one favors anything for any other reason than that it satisfies their preferences (be it true or only perceived as being true).

None of us have nobly overcome racism and bigotry. We have come to see, for various reasons, the self-serving interests of not pursuing or encouraging such types of human action.

Some of those interests may include simple fear of punishment. In those cases, actual sentiments of racism and bigotry will mostly grow and deepen, but go silent, waiting for the next opportunity to rise.

Some of those interests may be as simple as not wanting to reinforce actions that might one day be used against you and yours. In this case, racism and bigotry are not nobly overcome, but rather by fear (I think well-warranted fear) of anti-cooperative types of actions.

If, for instance, you find yourself in a more pluralistic biological expression, it might simply be a reality of power advantage to reject racist and bigoted actions, as they will make it increasingly difficult for that community to compete with other more cohesive, more effective communities (they build better tanks and better pcs).

Racism and Bigotry are spooks, no more real than any other ‘objective’ value claim.

A belief in the certain superiority of this or that biological expression is an assumption, from the start, that you have the corner market on what is objectively more valuable than something else.  Defining better and worse humans, with claims of objective truth, can only come from minds governed by spooks of such value-claims.

Believing, even, that somehow, of all the types of characteristics of human action that produce less cooperative environments, that racism and bigotry are the two big characteristics that should mark you for death above all others is, in and of itself, another absolute claim to value that has no objective, rational, logical basis.  It’s based on an assumption of moral certainty, the same kind of moral certainty Popes used to send out Bishops to hunt for heretics to kill.
As a non-cooperating agent, if your preference is for more cooperation and exchange in community, racism and bigotry are major hurdles to that path. 

You can objectively say, within the framework of your preference (to have cooperative, open-exchange communities) that racism and bigotry are bad. 

You might even, within that framework, show how racism and/or bigotry might be the most detrimental to impeding the fulfilment of that preference.

 In that content, again, within that framework of preference, you might be able to OBJECTIVELY say racism and/or bigotry are the most damaging actions humans can take in your community, and thus might warrant the most severe communal reprisals.  You would also, I suspect, more narrowly define racism and bigotry, and you would, since your motivation is to produce cooperative, open engagement communities (and you are also aware of this preference), also offer and support paths to restoration, as well as produce less draconian, life-destroying responses to such behaviors.

Now, with all this focus on racism and bigotry, I will tell you that if, like me, you prefer communities that have more cooperative and open exchange, your enemy isn’t racism and bigotry nearly as much as it is the underlying root that has multiple manifestations, and that enemy is otherism.

Otherism is a belief that because of a quality about an other that does not DIRECTLY harm or threaten to harm me, I have a special permission to assign to you values that I do not assign to people like me, values that afford me a great responsibility to respect and extend liberty to fellow me’s, but afford me no such responsibility to the other.
I am free, within some boundaries, depending on how far down the scale of value I place the other in comparison to my me’s, to take proactive, coercive action against the other, through use of deception, fraud, and/or force, not because they took direct action against me or someone else but because of what they are physically, or what beliefs, what preferences, they hold (real and/or imagined, with an emphasis, when you are in this mindset, on the imagined).

The root is not racism.  The ‘racist’ will just as easily shift their me’s and their others in circumstances in which the reality of power creates necessity to do so.  This is one of the reasons, I believe, many (NOT most) of the most virulent white anti-racists are racists that shifted their other alignment.  They found a more socially acceptable vehicle to create for themselves a noble class, and an ignoble class for everyone else.

What’s at the root is the assumption, the belief in such a concept of certain designation of value on the inherit and continuing worth of humans based on characteristics that do not threaten to directly harm you.  What’s more, that belief leads you to also include, because you are fighting on the side of good, under special war-alert circumstances, that you need not be so careful when you designate people as moving into that subhuman category of ‘the other.’ 

In this case, at least for people who fall into this category, racism is a dog whistle for their particular form of otherism, whether it’s actual black supremacists using the moral shield of anti-racism as a cover for their own anti-white racism, racist whites who chose to switch their otherism to more safe social expression, or political leftists who see the strategic opportunity of using the moral shield of anti-racism to destroy their political enemies.
For the politico, racism is a dog whistle for police state.
For the racist whites, racism is a dog whistle for white supremacism.
For the black supremacist, racism is a dog whistle for black supremacism.
But Otherism doesn’t just produce racism and bigotry, it produces good old fashioned hate, across multiple spheres.
It leads feminists to hate radical feminists, abortion rights activists to hate pro life activists, democrats to hate republicans, Eagles fans to hate Cowboys fans (ok, Ima have to give the Eagles fans a special dispensation, objectively, because Dallas does suck), etc….
It is the root of civilization itself.  And that.  That’s a bad thing.
So, unless you are striking at the root, otherism, you might actually be perpetuating it, no matter how noble you might imagine your cause.