iSDaily Monday – January 29th, 2018 – Episode 020

Showdown in the Aegean- The Turkish Problem

Showdown in the Aegean- The Turkish Problem



On this episode of iSDaily Monday with Professor Rambo and Paul Gordon,
On Full Auto, New Carry and Home Defense Guns from ShotShow
On iWorld, Battle over the Aegean
On iPrepper, Surviving a Nuclear Blast

Full Auto Top Story
7 New Concealed Carry, Home Defense Guns Revealed at SHOT Show
 Army’s New Pistol Has Problems
iWorld Top Story
Turks Take Two Greek Islets, Warn Greece not to Come Back
Greek PM Calls Turkey an Aggressive Neighbor at Davos
iPrepper Top Story
Surviving a Nuclear Blast
Full Auto
Gun Grabber Attacks Ghost Guns While Claiming to Be Pro Gun
WA Gun Bill Pushs for People to Voluntarily Surrender Gun Rights
Iowa Senate Bill Would Oulaw Guns on Anti-Gun Businesses
WTO Attempts to Play Down Trade War Fears at Davos
Russian Opposition Leader Arrested, YouTube Channel Threatened
Puigdemont Court Blocked from Being Catalonia’s President
Former Russian Press Secretary’s FBI Death Report Raises Suspicions
Preparing Your Pantry for SHTF
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