Islamic Nations Warn US of Consequences if it Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

57 Islamic Nations have signed a document warning the United States that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would be considered a “naked agression.”

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is ‘naked aggression,’ Islamic nations warn Trump

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would be a “naked aggression” that would cause the United States to lose “its mediating role and turn it into a biased party to the conflict,” the Organization of Islamic States said.

The statement by the group, representing 57 countries, came as President Donald Trump delayed a waiver on moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that presidents have routinely issued since 1995 when Congress passed a law mandating the move.

The resolution issued Monday after an emergency meeting at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia “warns against recognizing Al-Quds as the capital of Israel, the occupying power, or establishing or transferring any diplomatic mission to Al-Quds, given that this is considered a naked aggression not only on the Arab and Islamic Ummah, but also on the rights of Muslims and Christians alike, and on the Palestinian people’s national rights, including their right to self-determination.” Al Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem. The Islamic Ummah refers to the Muslim community.

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