Did Israel Bomb Damascus, and If So, Why Was Iran Silent When Their Base Was Hit?

If Israel was behind the bombing of an Iranian Military base in Damascus, why has Iran been so silent on the matter?

Alleged Israeli Strike in Syria: Why Iran’s Silence Speaks Volumes

It pays to listen to the BBC occasionally. Last month, the British Broadcasting Corporation revealed satellite photos of an Iranian military base under construction near Damascus. The network based its information on a “Western intelligence source.” On Friday night, the Iranian base was bombarded from the air in an assault that Syrian media are attributing to Israel.

As far as we know, there were relatively few, if any, casualties – since the construction of the base had not been completed and there were probably few people there late at night. If it was indeed an Israeli attack, the timing of the bombardment can be interpreted as a signal from Jerusalem to Tehran, and its Assad regime host in Syria, but also to the world powers.
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