Is Israel’s New Religion State Militarism?

An article in maks the case that Israel has turned away from Judaism, replacing it with a new state religion, militarism.  The article is behind a paywall, so I have also included an excerpt from another article about a well-known Rabbi who is making that very charge.

Forget Judaism – the Military Is Israel’s State Religion

As the rabbis are forced over and over again to give way to the IDF ‘high-priests,’ their (impotent) rage is rising


‘Want to be an IDF officer? Forget the Torah’

A senior Religious Zionist rabbi who founded the first-ever pre-military preparatory programlaunched a scathing attack on the IDF, contending that the army was forcing religious officers to choose between an army career and observing Jewish law.

In a wide-ranging speech, Eli pre-military academy head Rabbi Eli Sadan called the IDF’s latest Joint Service Order “a destruction decree” whose purpose was to advance pluralist values at the expense of the IDF’s readiness. Religious Zionist rabbis have been opposing the Joint Service Order that regulates relations between men and woman because it forces a religious officer to command units compromised of men and women.

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