Could Italexit Come After Italy Elections?

Tom Parfitt of the Express UK decided to write an alleged straight news piece with a rather “alarming” title, but the title immediately makes me cheer for the exact opposite result his article is intending to frighten me to not support. The Italians have a ‘problem,’ from the EU standpoint. There seems to be a strong anti-EU political movement emerging in Italy that could produce an Italexit (I think that’s what they’ll call it).
I’m all for secession, right down to the level of seeing 7 billion plus “states” emerge (hence the title of our site, iState). Tom, thank you for bringing to our attention something we (that is, we who support individuals and free associations over coercive associations) should be cheering on and even supporting. Let’s hear it for ITALEXIT!

EU WARNING: How Italian election could DEVASTATE Brussels and tear Eurozone apart

ITALY’S upcoming election is poised to plunge the European Union into a fresh crisis as anti-Brussels parties continue to make gains ahead of March’s crunch vote.

The Eurosceptic Five Star Movement (MS5) leads the the country’s opinion polls ahead of the general election on March 4.

The MS5, led by outspoken MP Luigi Di Maio, has repeatedly hinted at holding a referendum on Italy‘s membership of the euro.

Italy is the eurozone’s third-largest economy, behind Germany and France, meaning a vote could tear the entire currency union apart.

The Mediterranean country’s finances are in deep turmoil, with its public debt at roughly 130 percent of GDP.

Other populist parties have adopted increasingly anti-EU stances as a result of the nation’s economic woes.

In a furious rant earlier this week, centre-right Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini said: “Europe can go f*** itself!”

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