It’s Not WHAT You Believe, It’s How You Treat Your Neighbors

Is your neighbor a Christian, a Muslim, a democrat, a MAGA-Hat wearer? What if I were to tell you that NONE of that should matter to you as much as three qualities, or lack thereof, that demonstrate who you actually ARE as a person, which matters far more than what you believe.

These are the core qualities that matter in your neighbors.
If they lack any or all of these qualities, they are a dangerous neighbor. The more they are motivated by a sense of moral superiority over a class they deem morally inferior, the more dangerous they become.
The worst of the worst, the least honest, the least consistent, the least self-aware will be drawn to such easy paths to success you don’t have to earn (you are successful just BECAUSE you’re in the preferred class).
No matter your political preference, if you have these three key qualities, you can be a ‘safe’ neighbor, a good neighbor.
Of course, some political ideologies (I’ll leave that to the reader to decide which ones) are so remarkably inconsistent with these three qualities that people who possess these qualities simply won’t adopt those ideologies.
Everything else is spooks intended to manipulate you to support the worst of the worst characters that lack these three core qualities.
All political movements will, if they survive long enough, eventually be taken over by those who are willing to do whatever it takes to rise to the top.
The more your political movement gives special considerations for a noble race (figuratively and/or literally) of better humans over an irredeemable race of subhumans, the more rapidly and completely such characters will rise.
Nothing attracts thugs more than a whole structure of moral spooks to give them ‘permission’ to do what they’d do anyway, thug, beat on their neighbors.
Which group of thugs do you identify with?