It’s Not What You Believe, It’s What Camp You Want to Thrive and What Camp You Want to Die

Understanding the reality of power for any given camp (their strengths, their weaknesses, their resources, etc) will help you understand why various camps take various positions, how they can contradict other positions, and how they can abruptly change positions.
Their stated ideologies, their ‘pragmatic’ rationales yield some fruit in the quest to understand why these camps take the various positions that they do, but understanding the reality of power for these camps will yield far more fruit than would a deep-dive trip into the pristine description of the camp’s imagined wonder universe (that’s a convoluted way of saying ideology there, my friends).
It’s not Alt Right Dog Whistles and Cultural Marxist Buzzwords doing secret magic tricks to turn the frogs into commies and nazis, it’s camp identity and the camp adherents shifting positions to, ABOVE ALL ELSE, defend the camp.
Now, the question then comes to the individual in that camp.
That question is this, why, why have you taken up with this camp?
In many, many, many instances, the reason is as simple as this, “I come from a long line of (insert camp name).”
At the aggregate level, it is much more difficult to discern (in MOST, but not all, instances) the why, but it is much less difficult, at the aggregate level, to understand the ‘reality of power’ reasons behind the positions the various camps take.

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