iWatch Daily – Monday, October 2nd, 2017

In today’s edition of iWatch, the overwhelming theme is self-defense.  Some stories show how lack of self defense empowers oppressors (as in Catalonia), others show how tragedy can lead people to surrender more of it (as in Las Vegas) and how some are doing something to make it easier for people to defend themselves (as in the Ghost Gun Machine).

Catalans double down after Spanish Police attempt to stop referendum on independence

Catalonia’s Fight for Independence from Spain



How the Las Vegas Shooting Reveals that Guns for Gov and Not For Me is NOT going to protect you

Creating a Soap Box Out of the Dead


The folks at Wired are afeared, afeared of a man named Cody Wilson who dared design a Ghost Gun Milling Machine that will cost around $1500.  Being the good little statist sycophants they are, Wired echoes the sentiment of the state’s greatest fear, anonymity (see here for how we covered that fear).  The article includes a quote from a rabid gun grabber from California, State Senator Kevin De Leon.  Their fear tastes delicious with my breakfast.


Cody Wilson is LITERALLY triggering Wired Magazine, again….


From our “Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss” files, comes this story about Google.  Apparently, after Donald Trump, the alleged champion of liberty, took office, the attempts by the government to spy on Americans have not decreased.  If this record is any indication of what else might be going on, it’s possible the efforts by the government to spy on its citizens has only increased under Trump.  Google’s biannual transparency report indicates that the number of gov requests for users’ private data has hit record highs during the first six months of this year, 2017.

Here comes the new boss, same, or maybe worse, than the last boss….gov and google gettin’ it on together…..


A new 3D Metal Printing technique called electophography-based additive manufacturing could portend of a bright future for 3D metal printing very soon if the claims are lived up to, mainly, that thte technique will make 3D printing 50 times faster than the dominant form of 3d printing, inkjet.  If this pans out as promised, then 3D printing at the commercial and home level will explode.  Read our article on the power of 3D printing.

An exciting new technique could have a powerful, positive effect on the feasibility of 3D metal printing.



From our “No, this is not The Onion” files comes this gem from Southern California.  It seems a school district in Southern California had to send out an email to parents warning of possible contamination of flutes.  Ok, so, that’s odd, but, stuff happens, right?  Well, the contamination is of a certain bodily fluid one associates with the Navy.  Ok, we’re talking semen here folks.  Semen.

You kiss your mom after you play that flute?



Cryptocurrencies to the rescue!



The Feens Discuss/Debate Islam



Shane Radliff and Darrel Becker talk Kant and Physics and how that has affected your “reality” today…



Just an easy-going chat about an easy topic



Jeremy Henggeler and Jason Boothe discuss the Amazons on Seeds



Special Bonus episode from The Tom Woods show…


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