iWatch Daily – Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017


In today’s iWatch Daily, we revisit the gun grabbers and their attempt to exploit the Las Vegas Shooting.  We cover the latest developments in Catalonia.  We look at a clever new way to tax your tax cattle.  We talk sledge hammers versus guns and more.


Sometimes a heavy boot to the face produces the exact opposite result you thought it would….



Swinging hard against the gun grabber, unflinchingly



In light of today’s constant stream of anti-gun rhetoric stemming from the Las Vegas shooting, we thought our iDefend item of the day should be an example of how guns save lives.  This example comes to us from Chicago.  A man tried to rob an armored truck using a sledge hammer.  Unfortunately for him, the armored truck driver had a gun.  Guess who won?

Don’t do what this guy tried to do…just…don’t….


The good people of Shelbyville, Indiana could soon see a new tax from their city council.  The new tax would target their cars.  The tax would be an excise tax and a “wheel tax on motor vehicles.”  The local news reporting this story, the Shelbyville News, apparently thought that this proposed tax was just a ho hum run of the mill story.  They reported it pretty matter of factly, along with a list of other new tax proposals introduced by the Council’s ordinance committee.

Oh they gonna get yo money, trust us…


Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute wrote an article on the institute’s site addressing the fallout from the Las Vegas shooting from a different angle than we’ve seen anywhere else.  His perspective presents the idea that organizations, businesses, etc are the ones who should be responsible for the type of security that could prevent even incidents like the Las Vegas Shooting taking place.  What we have excerpted here is the main point, that private owners are the best providers of security.  He argues earlier in the article that relying on first responders to protect you is not reliable for a number of reasons and gun control won’t seriously prevent people with bad intent from either finding guns illegally or using so other tools to attempt to afflict mass casualties.

Maybe looking for gun control and police protection is the wrong answer



Tears are the stuff of power!  Don’t believe me?  Well, you’re going to have to take that up with the University of Limerick.  They claim to have discovered a method of producing power by squeezing tears, of, and also egg whites.  But really, how should we have led this news blurb, with electric-powered egg whites or electric-powered tears?  I think we made the right decision, don’t you?

Time to turn on the water works, so we can turn on the lights.



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It’s a tough question to answer


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