iWatch Daily – Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In today’s iWatch Daily, we look at the derpage of gov in two, count them two stories, one about love and one about taxes.  We also examine the perplexing news connected to Ross Ulbricht that happened today, and more.


The derp level at the IRS is super high….

Equifax Gets No-Bid $7.2 Million Contract from IRS to Do Job it Just Massively Failed to Do

Does this seem right to you?

Ulbricht Surrenders $48 million in Bitcoins to the Feds

What happens when a region of a large-scale nations state begins to understand its relation to the nation-state is one of host feeding a parasite?  It tends to want to separate itself from the parasite.  Such, we believe, is the case in Catalonia (which we have been covering here, here, and here).  In the latest move, following the referendum in which Spanish Federal police assaulted Catalans, the Catalan President has stated the region intends on declaring independence in the coming days.

Go Catalonia!

Catalonia To Declare Independence, Says President

Thanks to a program called VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement), ordinary Americans can turn in anyone they think might be here illegally.  It’s a very successful program.  Recent logs obtained by the Website Splinter show hundreds of “illegals” have been snatched up and deported thanks to calls by Americans.
Whatever you think about immigration, ask yourselves, does this not sound a tad…well…..a tad like a police state, where every neighbor is a potential government informant ready to drop the dime on someone they THINK might be here illegally?

What precedent is being set?

The Rise of the Citizen Secret Police Thanks to Immigration “Reform”

The same folks that brought you that wonderful furniture that so many of us love putting together, Ikea, is stepping out of the furniture world and into the vertical farming world with a new product called Lokal.  the product promises accelerated, year-round growth in more portable space.  If you’re new to vertical farming, you’ll see more mention of it here on iState, as it is a self-reliant-type technology.  It essentially is farming vertically instead of horizontally, with trays layered one on top of another.

From our “Tech is on Our Side” Files…

Ikea Offers Promising New Vertical Farming Option, Lokal


iLulz features a govderp moment…

Love is Not an Ingredient, FDA Warns Granola Maker


Featured Liberty Podcasts of the Day

What’s going on in North Korea, and what’s the deal with Trump-Tillerson?

North Korea Update: Will the War of Words Become a Hot War?


How not to Vonu? Don’t go to frigid, cold, unforgiving Southern Chile, maybe?

Pursuing Vunuence in South Chile – Vonu Podcast

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