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  • iSDaily Tuesday – March 20th, 2018 – Episode 045

    On this episode of iSDaily Tuesday with Bodhi Agora and Paul Gordon, On iScience, More Evidence of Human Whoredom On Lulzilla, Homer Simpson Gets Arrested On iPonder, Shouting Down Gun Grabbers is Dumb [...]The post iSDaily Tuesday – March 20th, 2018 – Episode 045 appeared first on iState. […]

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In this iWatch, the myth of policing may have been debunked, DHS targets Immigrants on Facebook, Get Solar Currency, Don’t Say Velcro and more.


Study Reveals Less Policing Results in Less Crime



DHS To Grant Itself Power to Track All Social Media Data of “Immigrants”


Buying Sovereignty, Roger Ver’s Anarcho-Country, The Free Society


Solar Company Aims to Create Bitcoin Wealth Using Power of the Sun


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Velcro Makes Song To Get You To Say Hook and Loop



Can You Pawn Your Cats for Euroracks – Freedom Feens Radio

Government Keeps Making Your Car Lousier (While the Market Tries to Make Them Better) – The Tom Woods Show

Black Market Botany – Liberty Under Attack Radio

Bitcoin, Blockchain Solutions & Questions on Anarchy with Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com – Anarchast Podcast

Loads Fall Out- Liberty Lampoon Podcast

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