iWatch Daily – September 28th 2017

In this addition of iWatch, we spot a UNICORN!  Well, a Unicorn cop.  The Australians want to take your guns if they think you’re dumb.  Congress is looking at ways to enter into the regulatory business with social media.  We have news of an actual crypto-anarchist doing actual anarchist-type things. Plus, we have terrifying news of clowns that is making Burger King cry, and more, oh so much more for this daily iWatch of Thursday, September 28th, 2017


Australian Bill To Give Police Power to Declare Which Citizens Are Too Dangerous, or Dumb, To Have Guns


Congress Takes Regulatory Aim At Social Media


Crypto-Anarchist Building BitCoin Economy for Embattled Stateless Land




Kentucky Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Family for Pension Funding


Texas Cop Must Pay Family of Man Who Died From His Neglect $6.3 Million


Burger King Demands Pennywise Stop Giving McDonalds Free Advertising

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