Kabul Rocked, Sudan Smolders – Headlines You May Have Missed – April 22nd 2019



Kabul Comes Under Major Attack, With 10 Dead, Including 3 Police

Kabul is still far from secure as a recent assault on a government building proved.  The assault led two an hours-long gun battle between suspected Islamic State operatives and government forces.  10 people were killed, though beyond mentioning that 3 police were killed, the report did not specify the nature of the other 7 people killed. | Get the Full Story



  • After Church Attacks, Sri Lankans Face Curfew

    COLOMBO: Sri Lankan government on Sunday ordered a night-time curfew after the island nation was rocked with eight blasts targeting churches and hotels that killed nearly 160 people across the country. (curfew runs Sunday night 6pm until 6am Monday morning local time) – Times of India | Get the Full Story […]

  • Sudanese Form Civilian Council, Challenging Military Rule

    A leading organiser says Sudan’s protest movement hopes to “exert more pressure” on the ruling military by announcing the composition of a civilian transitional council on Sunday.  Mohammed al-Asam of the Sudanese Professionals Association tells The Associated Press that “we are ready with a clear plan for a transition with qualified names”  News24.com | Get the Full Story […]

  • Anonymous Troll Comments Might Soon Be Illegal in Austria

    Austria’s government has introduced a draft law that would require you to provide your real name and address to larger sites before commenting. You could still use a nickname in public, but authorities would have an easy way to find you if they believe you’re harassing users or otherwise violating the law. Companies that didn’t honor the law could face fines up to €500,000 (about $562,000) if they didn’t comply, and twice that with a repeat offense.  Engadget  | Get the Full Story […]

  • Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Arrested in US For Drugs

    A DEA investigation led to the arrest of a Guatemalan presidential candidate in Miami, Florida. The investigators allege that he conspired to provide assistance to the Sinaloa Cartel with importing planeloads of cocaine into the United States in exchange for millions of dollars for his failing presidential campaign.  –  Breitbart News | Get the Full Story […]


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