Was Kevin Spacey’s Dad a White Supremacist Child Rapist?

Kevin Spacey’s brother, Randal Fowler, offered some scandalous details allegedly about their father, Geoffrey Fowler, a man he accused of being a white supremacist child rapist.

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The Oscar-winning actor’s older brother, Randall Fowler, has alleged that their white supremacist dad, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, abused him for years in the ‘house of horrors’ home they grew up in.

In the wake of the sexual misconduct allegation against Kevin Spacey that emerged recently, his older brother, Randall Fowler, suggested Kevin sought Hollywood stardom to escape their abusive father. In a 2004 interview that has resurfaced online, Randall claimed they were raised by a Nazi father who raped him and abused their family so badly they nicknamed him The Creature.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Randall described how their dad, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, was a member of the American Nazi Party and trimmed his mustache to look like Adolf Hitler. He alleged their perverted white supremacist dad abused him for years in the “house of horror” home they grew up in, and their mom Kathleen turned a blind eye, while his elder sister Julia endured beatings before she ran away when she was 18.

Randall went on claiming that he went through three marriages and 40 affairs while he refused to have children of his own as he’s afraid they would “inherit the sexual predator gene.” He recalled, “I grew up in a living hell. There was so much darkness in our home it was beyond belief. It was absolutely miserable.”

“Years later, our mother actually wrote a letter to all three of us, trying to justify what gone on by saying she was abused as a child and so was our father,” he continued. “Kevin tried to avoid what was going by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart.” He said his younger brother managed to avoid the whippings by “minding his Ps and Qs” while Randall did everything in his power to protect him from their abusive father.

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