Tracy Kiss Creates Crystal Labia Jewelry

Some people give their heart and their soul for their art.  Other people give some…well…OTHER part of their body for their art.  In the case of a British woman named Tracy Kiss, that part of her comes from deep within.  When I say deep within, I mean….deeeeeeeep….within.

From The Huffington Post

Earlier this year, the model-turned-fashion-blogger underwent a labiaplasty in part to remove a cyst that doctors said was caused by friction in the area.

The 28-year-old Kiss then blogged about the experience in very, very elaborate details at her own personal blog.

Now Kiss is adding another wrinkle to the story: Turns out she saved some of the parts removed during the surgery and turned them into a one-of-a-kind choker.

Kiss decided to make the labia heirloom as a trophy for overcoming the pain the experience had caused her.

“I also have my old breast implants too,” she told the Metro. “Unfortunately, the surgical fluid they were stored in turned them grey so I wanted a long-term option of preservation.”

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