Kosovo Parliament Shut Down by Tear Gas Set Off By Opposition Party

Ok folks, some people will point to this as troubling news, but not me.  Nope, this news warms the proverbial cockles of my proverbial (allegedly) heart.  It seems the opposition party in Kosovo’s Parliament didn’t want a bill to pass that would ratify a border agreement with Montenegro.  So, rather than discussing it rationally, the opposition party simply chose to set off tear gar in the parliament, thus ending the voting process altogether.

I know, I know, it seems rather uncivil, but do let’s remember we’re talking about a small clutch of narcisstic lords and ladies making decisions that affect thousands of people.  It seems only fitting that these narcissists would beat the crap out of each other in their bid to be supreme narcissists.

Rather than looking at this as a troubling sign of dangerous times, I look at this as the start of what I hope will be a trend that will sweep across the world.  I say, make thuggery great again, encourage more narcissistic politicos to tear gas each other when they don’t get their way.

Who wouldn’t pay to see Chuck Schumer lobbing tear gas grenades at Mitch McConnell?  Or Paul Ryan unleashing a flame thrower on Nancy Pelosi?  Come on people, let’s make politics fun for everyone, let’s get tear gas bomb throwing politicians in Washington!

From CNN.com

Opposition party sets off tear gas in Kosovo Parliament

Opposition lawmakers set off tear gas canisters in Kosovo’s Parliament chamber on Wednesday in an attempt to prevent the ratification of a border agreement with neighboring Montenegro.

Video posted to social media showed lawmakers wiping their eyes and noses as they left the chamber in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina.

The tear gas was released by opposition party Levizja Vetvendosje, according to Avni Bytyçi, deputy chief of staff to Speaker Kadri Veseli. It was a tactic the party had used previously to prevent voting, Bytyçi said.
“The Border Demarcation Agreement will be approved by the parliament today, in spite of the attempts of a small opposition party to prevent the vote with violent means,” Veseli told CNN.
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“We will not give up to violence and populism. This approval will serve to reinforce the sovereignty of our country and will unblock our path towards European Integration.”


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