Kurds Clash With Turkish Forces

Kurds Preemptively Strike Turkish Forces on Iraqi-Turkish Border

The potential open war between the Kurdish YPG and Turkey seems more likely after clashes between the two this past weekend.

From Antiwar.com

Following Monday’s statement from Turkey’s Defense Minister that a military offensive against Kurds forces in Syria’s Afrin District was imminent, the Kurdish forces in the area opened fire on a nearby Turkish border post.

Turkey’s military reported that one of their soldiers were wounded in Kurdish fire, and responded with artillery fire against the Afrin District. There is as yet no news on casualties from within the Afrin District.

This just adds to the expectation that fighting between the Turkish military and the Kurdish YPG is inevitable. The US had been trying to keep the two sides apart during the ISIS war, but with attention shifting from ISIS, Turkey seems more interested than ever in such an offensive.

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